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October Special Offers

October Special Offers

Care of décolleté-breast

Care includes:

  • Make-up
  • Mechanical peeling with brushes
  • Passive exercise with micro-waves
  • Penetration of ampoules with ultrasound
  • Tonic massage of the area
  • Firming breast mask
  • Breast décolleté care cream

Duration 60′
1 care décolleté-breast 55€

Program of 4 visits

On the occasion of the World Breast Cancer Prevention Day, the program of 4 visits from 220€ we give it at the symbolic price of 80€

* With the purchase of the program you enter the draw for a vegetative breast cream of Vagheggi worth 45€

The draw will take place 25/10/21


Facial care

Mesotherapy & Tightening

Mesotherapy  is the most popular anti-aging care that will ensure us a rejuvenated, radiant, firm and fresh skin.

Do you care about an area on your face or do you want to have a more complete care?

Want to make an app test or do you need a more comprehensive program?

Whatever your need, we have a solution tailored to you!

Mesotherapy in individual areas, forehead-eyes or upper lip-cheeks

1 application of mesotherapy 60€

4 applications+   1 Delay eye – lips balm from 274€ ONLY 210€



Complete application full face-neck-neck-décolleté-look

1 mesotherapy application 100€

4 applications + 1 Delay Face Serum from 428€ ONLY 300€




Photoregenement of VPL in individual areas

The short, safe and effective treatments of Energist VPL, eliminate skin imperfections causing the regeneration process. 

Treatments with Energist VPL use short, safe and controlled pulses of filtered light to regenerate the skin.

Photoregenement VPL upper lip +nasoparias or neck-décolleté 

1 VPL upper lip +nose or neck-décolleté 40€

4 VPL visits + 1 Delay eye-lip cream from 239€ ONLY 190€



Photoregenerate VPL face, neck-décolleté

 1 VPL face neck-neckline 95€ 

4 VPL face neck-décolleté + 1 cream Mutlibalance neck – décolleté from 452€ ONLY 350€


Body care

Have you decided that you want to acquire a more elegant silhouette this year, free from cellulite and unnecessary icings? We can help you in this effort. Start with one of the following programs that interests you or ask us to prepare a new one, tailored to your needs.


1 Bath of Artemis Detox(detoxification) + 4 Fuoco (liposculpture) + 1 product Sinecell Foam 

The program is provided to you from 218€ ONLY 160€




1 Bath of Artemis Detox (detoxification) + 5 Endovac+Electrodyn(Lymphatic + slimming) AND Noblestim+Nobleson (Local slimming) + 1 Product Reducing cellulite cream

The program is provided to you from 227€ ONLY 170€




1 Wellness Care Afrodite + 5 Body Former (Tightening) KAI Noblestim+nobleson (Local Slimming) + 1 Product Sikelia tonic gel

The program is provided by you from 232€ ONLY 170€



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